In 1909 Bruno Bieler from Freiburg jumped 22 metres on the first „large“ hill in Oberstdorf on the “Schanze auf den Halden” which was an outstanding performance at that time. Oberstdorf was the place in Germany where ski jumping was most developed. In order to form more good jumpers it was necessary to build larger ski jumping hills. 

The jump in Karatsbichl got concurrency after the efforts made by the spa director Hermann Schallhammer to build a better jump on Schattenberg in 1925/26, constructed by the architect Hans Gschwender. After several convertions the first hill record had been put up from 25 metres in 1926 (Müller from Bayrischzell) to 82 metres in 1950 (Sepp Weiler from Oberstdorf). Up until today many popular jumpers entered the list of the record holders. 

In 1987 the Schattenberg ski stadium was host of the Nordic Ski World Championships with enormous accounts of ten thousands of spectators. For the WSC 2005 the jump and the ski stadium have become enlarged to K120 in 2003. 

The competition on the Schattenbergschanze is the opening event of the Four Hills Tournament.