The first ski jumping hill in Rasnov was built already in 1936. From July 2009 to summer 2011 a new facility with three hills, K64, K35 and K15, was built in the "Valea Carbunarli".

The 3-million Euro project was financed with the help of Austrian oil company OMV and the community of Rasnov. The Romanian national team held its first training on the new hill on August 30th, 2011.

The facility was officially inaugurated on June 6, 2012 with a FIS Cup, in which also athletes like Thomas Morgenstern, Robert Kranjec, Roman Koudelka and other jumpers with World Cup experience took part.

From summer 2011 to fall 2012, a 90-Meter-hill was then built for the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Brasov 2013. It was planned by Romanian architects and the project, that cost about 4.5 million Euro, was funded by the department of tourism and regional development.

The ski jumping center in Rasnov, with four hills, two judges' towers, flood light and a lift, was completed in October 2012.