Richard Freitag will not compete in Bischofshofen

Richard Freitag didn't sustain any serious injuries when he crashed in Innsbruck (AUT) on Thursday, but the 4-Hills-Tournament is still over early for the German.

"After another examination this morning I recommended Richard Freitag to not compete in Bischofshofen. The contusions of the left hip are restricting the mobility significantly and, in addition, they are also very painful. Competitive sports on the highest level makes no sense under these circumstances", explained team doctor Mark Dorfmueller on Friday morning.

"Right now Ski Jumping makes no sense for me. Due to the contusions, I can't take the inrun position and I'm also not able to have a dynamic take-off. That's why I'm following the advice of our team doctor and I will take a break now. This is the first time that I have to end a 4-Hills-Tournament early. This is indeed disappointing, but because there is still a lot up for grabs this season it would not be smart to not listen to your own body", said Richard Freitag.

The 26-year-old, until the competition in Innsbruck second in the overall ranking behind Kamil Stoch, fell on the Bergisel-hill after the landing in the first round, was not able to jump in the final and therefore lost his chances to become the first German 4-Hills-Tournament winner since 2002.