From 1964 to 2003, when the Mühlenkopfschanze in Hessian Willingen was converted, the hill in Kuusamo/Ruka was the world's biggest large hill. But especially in the latter years of this era, this status was quite doubtful since it was already dilapidating.

Due to this reason it was modernized in 1996. Floodlights were installed and made night competitions possible. Since the hill is also equipped with plastic mats it is the world's biggest all-year-round ski jumping hill.

Furthermore, there is a modern snow making machine and a lift from the outrun up to the tower.The potential of this ski jump can be recognized by the distances reached on it already. Additionally, there is also a smaller K64 ski jump at Ruka wintersports center, which had been equipped with mats in 1986, and the junior hills of Kuusamon Erä-Veikot.