Russian national titles to Kornilov and Avvakumova

On the last few days, the Russian national championships were held in Nizhny Tagil. The titles in the individual events there went to Denis Kornilov and Irina Avvakumova.

Denis Kornilov won the men's competition on the normal hill on Thursday with jumps of 91.5 m and 94.5 m and a total of 240.0 points. The second place went to Ivan Lanin, who scored 233.5 points with his jumps of 89.5 m and 94 m. Zakhir Dzhafarov, who has only been competing in the FIS Cup twice so far in his career, surprised in third. The 19-year-old showed jumps of 89.5 m and 92 m and came in half a point behind Lanin.

The only 15-year-old local hero Mikhail Purtov was in the lead after the first round with his jump of 93 m, in the end he came in sixth, close behind Evgeniy Klimov and Roman Trofimov.

On Sunday, Denis Kornilov was also the best in the large hill competition with 131.5 m and 119.5 m and 248.3 points. Alexey Romashov finished second with 126.5 m and 123.5 m and 246.5 points, veteran Dimitry Vassiliev stood on the podium in third with 126 m and 123 m and 244.7 points.

Behind the Top 3, Evgeniy Klimov repeated his fourth place from the normal hill event, Mikhail Nazarov and Vladislav Boyarintsev followed in fifth and sixth. 

Irina Avvakumova dominated the ladies competition with jumps of 94 m and 84 m (222.0 points). The second and third place on the HS 100 went to Anastasiya Barannikova (84 m and 88.5 m; 208.5 points) and Aleksandra Barantceva (84.5 m and 85.5 m; 203.0 points).

With 806.0 points, the team of the Moscow region (Alexandra Kustova, Nikolai Matavin, Aleksandra Barantceva, Evgeniy Klimov) won the title in the mixed team competition ahead of St. Petersburg (Lidiia Iakovleva, Vladislav Boyarintsev, Sofia Tikhonova, Alexey Romashov; 799.5 points) and the Perm region (Anastasiya Barannikova, Egor Usachev, Ksenia Kablukova, Vladislav Skachilov; 741.0 points).

The championships concluded with the team event on Monday, which was won by Nizhny Novgorod (Ivan Lanin, Mikhail Maksimochkin, Roman Trofimov, Denis Kornilov) with 869.0 points. Nikolay Matavin, Ilmir Hazetdinov, Evgeniy Klimov and Dimitry Vassiliev took the second place for the Moscow region with 838.4 points, the third place went to Tatarstan (Danil Sadreev, Maksim Sergeev, Artem Redzhepov, Aleksandr Loginov) with 729.7 points.

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