Sarah Hendrickson and Andreas Stjernen attend FIS meetings

Athletes of all the FIS disciplines are elected to the FIS Athlete's Commission in order to represent their interests. For Ski Jumping, the representatives are Sarah Hendrickson (USA) for the ladies and Andreas Stjernen (NOR) for the men.

Both now traveled to Portoroz (SLO) to attend the FIS Calendar Conference there and for them, this was their first appearance in this new position. Sarah Hendrickson and Andreas Stjernen represented their fellow athletes very well and were impressed by the work of the Committee, as they told in an interview with FIS Ski Jumping.

FIS Ski Jumping: Sarah, this was your first time at an FIS Ski Jumping Committee meeting. Did you like it?

Sarah Hendrickson: Yes. It's really nice to be involved and to see everything that goes on behind the scenes. It takes, obviously, a lot of people to make decisions and rules. I think it's easy to sit on the outside and maybe criticize it, but now I realized the steps that it takes for the people to come to an agreement. So I really appreciate being involved in it and talking to people and meeting people that make the Ski Jumping world run.

FIS Ski Jumping: There was a really big audience today, maybe more than 100 people, and you spoke three times and it was really interesting and everybody was impressed by what you said.

Hendrickson: Thank you. I knew that it would be a hard atmosphere to be around and that's fine. I feel like I have a good relationship with the people I have known at FIS for a while, like Chika Yoshida and Walter Hofer. I feel like people like to hear the voice of the athletes. I don't want to come in in a negative way. I just wanted to share what the athletes feel because I have a really good relationship with most of the World Cup girls.

FIS Ski Jumping: Besides the nice weather and the nice location, was it worth coming here?

Hendrickson: Absolutely. It's really nice to learn about these things and I think it's gonna help me later in life in whatever I decide to do in the Ski Jumping world and out of the Ski Jumping world. So it's a huge pleasure.

FIS Ski Jumping: Andreas, it was your first time at a committee meeting as well. Was it the way you expected it to be?

Andreas Stjernen: It was kind of like I expected it, but I didn't know much about it and it's really interesting to see how it's done and to hear the discussions.

FIS Ski Jumping: A lot of guys are sitting here and shared their different opinions. Where you impressed by what you heard?

Stjernen: I was really impressed. Many people were here and had good discussions. It was a bit surprising to me that there were so many here involved in the various discussions within the committee. It's good to see that it's working really well.

FIS Ski Jumping: You are the representative of the athletes since the World Championships in Lahti. Do you have any plans now to inform the athletes?

Stjernen: My plan was to come here and learn more about the system. Now I want to get in touch with the athletes to let them know I'm on the athletes' commission. So if they have anything that they want me to forward to FIS, I can do that. And if FIS wants me to do anything with regard to the athletes, I'm there.

FIS Ski Jumping: Was it worth for you to come here to make this experience?

Stjernen: Absolutely. Spending two days here at this nice location and listen to some clever people is always a good thing.