Severin Freund sustains ACL tear

German top ski jumper Severin Freund suffered a serious knee injury during training in Oberstdorf on Monday and will be sidelined for months now.

The 28-year-old, who could not participate in the last World Cups due to an influenza infection, sustained a tear of the ACL and the meniscus in his right knee. Severin Freund already underwent surgery on Tuesday in Munich.

"The surgery went very well. Severin Freund will probably have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days, before he can start the rehabilitation. Provided, that the healing process goes well, Severin will be able to start jumping again in about six months", said Dr. Peter Brucker, who performed the surgery.

"I felt pain in the right knee at the landing and fell afterwards. Because the knee felt instable, I consulted Dr. Florian Porzig, who diagnosed the ACL tear after an MRT examination. Of course such an injury is extremely annoying so close before the World Championships. My goal was to defend my title in Lahti, unfortunately this is now not possible anymore. I already suffered some setbacks during the course of my career and I know how to handle it. Over the next months I will focus on my rehabilitation and then I will start preparing myself for the Olympic Games", Severin Freund is quoted in a media release of the German Ski Association.