Severin Freund wants to start jumping again in June

Four months after he suffered an ACL tear during training in Oberstdorf late January, everything is going according to plan for Severin Freund in the rehabilitation and so a comeback on the hill is getting closer.

"It's definitely going well so far. Of course it's always difficult to put it into a certain time frame, because everyone is different. But after the first four weeks, which were really tough, things got on a roll. Now we are ready to start with ski jumping related training again. This is definitely very good news for me. Then we'll have to see how everything will develop from there", the 2014/15 overall World Cup winner told in an interview with the German Ski Association (DSV).

In the near future, the 29-year-old will train for his return to the hill mainly in the gym, sometimes also together with his teammate Andreas Wellinger. Severin Freund might then be able to start jumping training again already in June.

"The six months after the surgery will be over some time in June, this is about the period it usually takes. This would be a nice time for me to start again. If I will be able to jump again by then I would be more than satisfied."