Slovenes start pre-season preparation with new coach

The preparation for the upcoming 2018/19 season is in full swing for the Slovenian ski jumpers. This week nine athletes were training together in Kranj.

Under the new head coach Gorazd Bertoncelj, the members of the A-team, Peter Prevc, Domen Prevc, Jernej Damjan, Tilen Bartol and Anze Semenic, were training there together with the athletes of the juniors A-team of coach Jani Grilc. This team consists of Timi Zajc, Ziga Jelar, Bor Pavlovcic and Anze Lanisek.

"We are in the third week of the preparation and we are very satisfied with the training so far. The guys are motivated, fresh and embrace new ideas. Our main goal this summer is to always defend the six quota spots. But what's most important is the shape the guys are in on November 15th", Gorazd Bertoncelj is quoted on the website of the Slovenian Ski Association.

In which competitions the Slovenian jumpers will participate in this summer, shall be decided for every athlete individually, said the 42-year-old.