Tande close ahead of Gangnes at Norwegian nationals

Daniel Andre Tande and Maren Lundby took the titles at the Norwegian Ski Jumping Championships on the normal hill in Oslo on Saturday evening.

Daniel Andre Tande, who also won the qualification in the afternoon ahead of Kenneth Gangnes and Joakim Aune, also took a close win in the competition a few hours later. With the longest jump of the day on 105.5 m, the 23-year-old was already in the lead after the first round. He then defended this top position with 101 m in the final and 269.6 points. 

Only 0.5 points behind the newly crowned Norwegian champion, Kenneth Gangnes came in second with his jumps of 104 m and 101 m (269.1 points). Halvor Egner Granerud, at halftime tied for second with Gangnes behind Tande, finished third with 104 m and 99.5 m and a total of 265.6 points.

Anders Fannemel was fourth and missed the podium in this exciting competition by only half a point, also Robert Johansson (5th) was only 1.5 points behind the Top 3. Johann Andre Forfang and Tom Hilde tied for sixth at the Midtstubakken.

While it was an extremely close decision in the men's event, Maren Lundby took a more than clear win in the ladies competition. The favorite dominated the competition with her jumps of 102.5 m and 99.5 m and 256.1 points. Silje Opseth was second with 87 m and 92.5 m and 209.6 points, the third place went to Anna Odine Stroem with 86 m and 89.5 m (200.1 points).

The team competition on Sunday could not take place due to the strong wind.

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