Team nominations in Italy and France

The national ski associations of France (FFS) and Italy (FISI) recently also announced their teams for the 2017/18 season.

With Alex Insam, Davide Bresadola and Sebastian Colloredo three athletes were named to the Italian men's A-Team of coach Lukasz Kruczek. Austrian Janko Zwitter, head coach of the Italian ladies team also named three jumpers (Manuela Malsiner, Elena Runggaldier, Lara Malsiner) to his A-team for next season. 

French men's A-Team of coach Gerard Coline consists only of only one athlete, Vincent Descombes Sevoie, while three ladies, Julia Clair, Lea Lemare and Lucile Morat, were awarded A-Team status.

Italian teams for 2017/18


A-Team: Alex Insam, Davide Bresadola, Sebastian Colloredo
B-Team: Daniele Varesco
Reserve: Federico Cecon, Roberto Dellasega, Zeno Di Lenardo
C-Team: Giovanni Bresadola


A-Team (World Cup): Manuela Malsiner
A-Team: Elena Runggaldier, Lara Malsiner
Reserve: Veronica Gianmoena
C-Team: Alice Puntel

French teams for 2017/18


A-Team: Vincent Descombes Sevoie
B-Team: Paul Brasme, Ronan Lamy Chappuis, Thomas Roch Dupland
Juniors: Mathis Contamine, Jonathan Learoyd


A-Team: Julia Clair, Lea Lemare, Lucile Morat
B-Team: Oceane Avocat Gros, Romane Dieu, Coline Mattel, Josephine Pagnier
Juniors: Oceane Paillard