The RAW AIR rocks

After the dramatic final on Sunday in Vikersund the organizers drew a preliminary conclusion: The Norwegian Ski Association as well as the International Ski Federation FIS were completely satisfied with the premiere of the new 10-day competition series of the world's best ski jumpers.

The Tournament also received positive feedback by athletes and coaches, the public interest was huge and the TV ratings were high. The RAW AIR definitely has a future.

"I'm still impressed by the performances today. First I have to congratulate our athletes, who showed such great performances during the course of this Tournament. The Organizers also did a great job, the Tournament was excellently prepared and carried out", said FIS Race Director Walter Hofer, who is already looking ahead now. "For the future we have to think about adjusting the start times. The program itself is intense and extreme. This was the first RAW AIR and it has great potential."

Arne Abraten, head of the Organizing Committee of the RAW AIR, was also satisfied with the premiere: "I want to thank the FIS for giving us the chance to organize such a new Tournament and I have to congratulate the athletes. They were on the road for ten days and they are still showing such amazing performances. This says a lot about the quality of the athletes in the Ski Jumping World Cup. Now we have to ask the athletes and coaches for their opinion, but I hope we can continue."

The ski jumpers definitely want to RAW AIR to continue, as they gave positive feedback after the exhausting days in Norway. "I liked the RAW AIR Tournament, it was very well organized. I can't complain about anything, the transportation, the accommodation, the food, everything was great", said Kamil Stoch.

Michael Hayboeck also praised the Organizers after the final event: "The ten days were very, very exciting and it was new for everyone. Everything was well organized, when we arrived at the hotel, our luggage was already in front of our rooms. I hope, that we will have such a Tournament again next year." Stefan Kraft, first overall winner of the RAW AIR, agreed with his teammate: "Compliments to the RAW AIR team, they took really good care of us. That's why we were able to show such good jumps every day, even if we sometimes had back luck with the conditions and had to wait at the hill for a long time."

RAW AIR overall ranking