Thomas Diethart wants to return to the top

Thomas Diethart, who sensationally won the 4-Hills-Tournament in the 2013/14 season, is fighting for his return to the top after some difficult years.

"The goal still is to be among the world's best again, that I can win World Cup competitions again, maybe Olympic gold. My childhood dreams are definitely still there. I will not give up that easily. I will continue to fight. I know that it's a hard time right now, but I have been in a similar situation before", the 25-year-old said in an interview on

For the Austrian, who was only competing in the FIS Cup last winter after two falls in 2016 and achieved his best result with a 12th place in Notodden in December, the new situation after his successful season three years ago was one of the reasons for the problems that followed.

"A lot has changed back then. I was in the national team and things are different there. The season starts again and after such a great season it's difficult to set new goals, like "what do I do now", "what do I want to achieve". And then you maybe want a bit too much, especially when the season before was very good. You feel the pressure from the outside and you also put a lot of pressure on yourself. Then it's not easy just to be relaxed and jump."

The main goal of Thomas Diethart for the upcoming season is to make a comeback in the World Cup, where he last competed in March 2015 in Oslo (NOR).