In 1940 the first Granåsen ski jump was inaugurated. Birger Ruud was the winner and set up a first hill record of 56 m. The first larger conversion took place in 1952. The small and the normal hill were prepared in 1952 for the NM in 1953. 

Then the large hill ski jump was constructed in 1959/60 and it was equipped with floodlights, just as the normal hill was before. 

For the Norwegian Championships of 1970 a large spectator stand was built at normal hill (at that time K64). Together with the ski club of Meldal, who hosted the NM on the large hill (at that time K87 at Meldal), a new floodlight system and an electronic score board, the very first in whole Norway, were developed. 

In 1977 the normal hill ski jump was again enlarged to K64 and covered with plastic mattings. Its K-Point is still at K64 today, but the hill is now only a middle-size ski jump and used for practising and young athletes training of Team Trønderhopp. 

In order to fulfil FIS requirements, in 1980 the last conversion of that time’s large hill jump was done. By the occasion also the K38 was converted and, just as all other jumps before, equipped with floodlights. In 1983 a ski lift was installed at the large hill jump for Nordic Junior World Championships one year later. 

In 1987 the K38 training hill was covered with plastic mattings. Then the hill certificate of K78 expired in 1988 and was not renewed, because the new World Championship hill had a K-Point of 90 meters and took over the status as a normal hill. Since then the former large hill (K78) was not been used anymore. 

Finally in 1995 today’s large hill (K120) was constructed for Nordic Ski World Championships 1997, and since 1996 World Cup is hosted regularly there.