Two day snow clearance effort in Willingen

The volunteers in Willingen used all available resources to get rid of the snow on the stands at the Muehlenkopf-hill on time for the World Cup event there late January after there has been lots of snowfall in the region recently.

Last winter the organizers had to carry the snow to the hill with trucks from five different states and this year they had already produced the necessary artificial snow, before the region now got up to 70 cm of fresh snow.

The two-day effort gained a lot of media attention and many people came to help: Locals, tourists, guests, asylum seekers, the soccer team of the local ski club and ski jumping fans from all over the region. Reports on it were published by TV and radio stations, newspapers and social media around the clock.

The question, spokesman Dieter Schuetz was asked the most: "What will you do when there is heavy snowfall again in the next couple of days?" Then we have to get the people together again. "No we know how it can be done", Schuetz said after the biggest volunteer effort in the history of the ski club.

The organizers expect 40 000 fans to attend the event. The inrun of the world's biggest large hill is already completely prepared.