Two national titles for Denis Kornilov

Denis Kornilov was the best in both competitions at the Russian Championships on the Olympic hills in Sochi (RUS).

On the normal hill, the 31-year-old, who was on the podium in Courchevel and Chaikovsky during this year's FIS Grand Prix, won with jumps of 101.5 m and 94.5 m and 241.1 points.

Only 0.6 points behind, Aleksandr Bazhenov came in second with 98.5 m and 96 m, Mikhail Nazarov was third with 96 m and 97.5 m and a total of 236.1 points.

In a very close competition on Saturday, Roman Trofimov was fourth and missed a place in the Top 3 by less than one points. Ivan Lanin and Ilmir Hazetdinov finished fifth and sixth.

In the large hill event on Monday morning, Denis Kornilov took his next national title with 133.5 m and 137.5 m and 248.7 points. This time Ilmir Hazetdinov, who jumped on 132.5 m in both rounds (244.0 points) and Dimitry Vassiliev (135.5 m and 137 m; 234.6 points) stood on the podium with him.

Roman Trofimov finished fourth once again, followed by Alexey Romashov and Aleksandr Bazhenov in fifth and sixth.

Irina Avvakumova was in a league of her own in the ladies competition. She won the title on the normal hill with 97 m and 98.5 m and 234.0 points, clearly ahead of Anastasiya Barannikova (95.5 m and 94 m; 212.6 points) and Lidiia Iakovleva (94.5 m and 93 m; 211.0 points).

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