USA: National titles to Kevin Bickner and Nita Englund

Last weekend, the US Ski Jumping nationals on the normal and large hill were held in Park City and Kevin Bickner and Nita Englund took both titles there.

The men's title on the normal hill went to Kevin Bickner with his jumps of 98.5 m and 95.5 m and 260.4 points. Casey Larson finished second on the HS 100 hill with 95.5 m and 91.5 m and his total of 236.0 points. Decker Dean came in third with 88.5 m and 84 m and 208.5 points.

In the international ranking, Canada's Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes was second two points behind the winner with 96.5 m and 94.5 m.

“It was pretty good today, I felt really good about my jumps, it was nice and consistent. I was able to fix some things I was working on, so everything kinda came together. I’ve been chasing that for a few years now so it’s nice to finally win a national title", Kevin Bickner is quoted on

A day later Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes then was the best athlete in the large hill competition with jumps of 129.5 m and 132.5 m and 279.4 points. Kevin Bickner posted jumps of 130.5 m and 126.5 m, came in second with 267.4 points and secured his second national title. With 120.5 m and 116.5 m and 221.6 points, Casey Larson repeated his second place from the first event. The only 17-year-old Decker Dean achieved yet another podium finish in third with 118 m and 119.5 m and 219.5 points.

“The competition today was good. Kevin and I have been battling against each other for a few years now, and sometimes, like yesterday, he’s on top and sometimes I’m on top. We had a fair competition and far jumps and loads of fun", said Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes.

In the ladies' normal hill competition, Nita Englund jumped on 90.5 m and 89 m for 218.5 points and finished third behind the two Canadians Abigail Strate (98 m and 98.5 m; 256.5 points) and Natasha Bodnarchuk (91.5 m and 90.5 m; 224.0 points). With this performance, Englund won the US national title ahead of Tara Geraghty-Moats (87 m and 87.5 m; 212.5 points) and Annika Belshaw (82.5 m and 88.5 m; 202.5 points). 

On the large hill, Nita Englund won the nationals with 115.5 m and 109 m (187.1 points), again followed by Tara Geraghty-Moats (109.5 m and 103 m; 171.5 points) and Annika Belshaw (95.5 m and 100.5 m; 140.3 points). Best athlete of the day was again Abigail Strate, this time with 128 m and 130.5 m and 237.6 points.

Full results normal hill
Full results large hill

Photo: Facebook / USA Nordic