Will Rhoads and Nita Englund capture US national titles

Will Rhoads prolonged his winning streak at US national championships on Saturday in Park City and took already his third large hill title in a row, the fourth in total.

On his home hill, the 22-year-old had jumps of 131.5 m and 123.5 m and scored a total of 258.0 points.  “It was a dicey comp with the wind and it took a while to get that final round in,” said Rhoads. “The results were a little funky. It happens in an outdoor sport when the winds change and you just adjust. You have to be ready all the time.”, Will Rhoads is quoted on usskiteam.com.

Only 18-year-old Casey Larson was also able to show two consistently strong jumps on 125 m and 131.5 m despite the difficult wind conditions. With his 253.2 points he came in second. 

Kevin Bickner was second, close behind Will Rhoads, after the first round with 130.5 m, but with 118 m he was not able to keep up with the winner in the final and finished third with 243.3 points.

Third-best ski jumper in this competition was Josh Maurer of Canada with 117.5 m and 133.5 m and 245.8 points. His teammate Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes was seventh with 232.1 points.

The place four to six in the US national championships went to Michael Glasder (241.9 points), Brian Wallace (232.5 points) and Bryan Fletcher (222.6 points).

Nita Englund won the ladies' competition and secured her second title on the large hill with 111.5 m and 123.5 m and 207.5 points. Abby Ringquist jumped on 109.5 m and 115.5 m and took the second place with 198.5 points. The third place went to Nina Lussi with 109.5 m and 114.5 m and 197.0 points. The best athlete in this competition was Canada's Taylor Henrich with 117 m and 123 m (226.5 points).

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Photo: facebook / USA Nordic