In 1933 the first wooden ski jumping hill was constructed at Malinka, a district of Wisła, and allowed jumps on more than 40 meters. The first modernization of the jumping facility took place in 1954 and after that Silesian Championships, as well as international competitions were hosted. Around 1970 Eng. Jerzy Muniak led the construction of a new steel-made inrun tower and profile enlargement into K105.

In the following years many international competitions with famous ski jumpers were organized on the “Malinka” ski jump. With the success of Adam Małysz from Wisła at the beginning of 21st century claims for a World Cup capable reconstruction of the now old-fashioned Malinka ski jump became loud. In October 2003 first contracts were signed and one year later the construction works on the new K120 jump site could start.

Very special of the new built Malinka ski jumping hill is the road, which had to be barricade during training jumps on the old hill and no leading through a tunnel below the artificial hill in the outrun. Above this street is the main stand which will host 2,500 spectators and official buildings.

The facilities are constructed out of stone, wood, glass, aluminium and natural concrete and shall be functional and innovative. In fall 2008 the works on the new K120 ski jump could be finalized with one year delay. In between there were many problems caused by a landslide in the outrun in summer 2006.

With the inauguration organized as a Polish Championship from September 26 to 28, 2008, the new Malinka HS 134 has got the official name “Adam Małysz ski jumping hill”.