The very first ski jump at mount Krokiew in Zakopane was constructed in 1925 and inaugurated on March 22. Four years later the Nordic Ski World Championships were hosted at Tatra. At Norway’s triple win Sigmund Ruud triumphed with jumps on 55 and 57 meters. Longest jump of the day on the 60 meter hill was set by his compatriot Hans Kleppen with 58 m. 

Already 10 years later around 30,000 spectators came to Wielka Krokiew K80, when Josef “Bubi” Bradl only slightly won ahead of Birger Ruud and became world champion. Local hero Stanisław Marusarz to whom the jump is dedicated today, had to be satisfied with his 5th place. 

At the third WSC in Zakopane in 1962 for the first time also a normal hill was used. The winner on the Wielka Krokiew was East-German Helmut Recknagel with a hill record of 103 meters. 

In 1980 Zakopane was World Cup host for the first time and since the late 1990’s the competitions attended by the fanatic Polish crowd are a constant part of the ski jumping World Cup. 

Since the plastic covering in 2004 a summer Grand Prix event has been hosted every year. Further highlights in Zakopane were the Winter-Universiade 2001 and a pope visit of John Paul II in June 1997.