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Trondheim (NOR): Final victory and Overall globe for Hagen

Mar 17, 2024·Nordic Combined
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Overall World Cup champion Ida Marie Hagen is the winner of the women’s final Individual Gundersen competition of the season.

Her team mate Gyda Westvold Hansen was in the lead after the Ski Jumping competition on the Granåsen HS 105 in Trondheim (NOR).

In bright sunshine the Norwegian reached 101 meters and collected a total of 121.4 points in the morning at the HS 105 and took the lead. Therefore, she was the first one to start into the last 7.5 km cross-country race of the season.

Rank 2 after jumping went to Lisa Hirner from Austria, who also landed at 101 meters (119.2 pts) and went into the course only 9 seconds after Hansen.

Japanese Haruka Kasai (99 mts, 114 pts) placed third, 30 seconds behind the leader.

Overall World Cup winner Ida Marie Hagen jumped the furthest distance of the day with 102 meters (113.5 pts) and placed fourth, 32 seconds behind Hansen.
With Slovenian Ema Volavsek (92 m) and the Germans Jenny Nowak (93.5 m) and Nathalie Armbruster (92.5 m) a total of three athletes collected 100.7 points, taking the 5thplace 1:23 min behind the Norwegian leader.

Due to the longer 7.5 km race today, a tough fight for the podium could be expected.

Lisa Hirner caught up to Hansen and was only 0.8 sec behind the Norwegian after 1.3 km, while Hagen overtook Kasai and reduced her gap to the leaders to 17.6 sec.
The yellow bib owner caught up to her competitors on the uphill and took the lead, before entering the stadium, with Hansen (+1 sec) and Hirner (+1.2 sec) closely behind after 2.5 km.
Haruka Kasai showed a strong performance and reduced the gap to 13 sec to the leaders after the first lap.

Hagen was once again unstoppable at the front and grew her lead second by second, bringing it to 10.9 sec after 3.8 km, ahead of Westvold Hansen and Hirner (+11.7 sec), while Kasai (+24.6 sec) tried to catch up to the pursuers to fight for a podium spot.
After 5 km the Japaneses gap to Hansen and Hirner was down to 9 seconds, while Hagen stayed uncatachble at the front with a 22.4 second lead.

In front of her home crowd, Ida Marie Hagen won the final event of the women’s Nordic Combined World Cup, while Hirner started an attack that Hansen couldn’t follow.
Therefore, the Austrian (+15.7 sec) secured the second place ahead of Hansen (+15.7 sec) on third place.

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