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Trondheim (NOR): Lamparter wins final race of the season

Mar 17, 2024·Nordic Combined
Johannes Lamparter wins in Trondheim © Thibaut/NordicFocus
Johannes Lamparter wins in Trondheim © Thibaut/NordicFocus

Johannes Lamparter is the winner of the men’s final Individual Gundersen event of the season.

His team mate Stefan Rettenegger was in the lead after the Ski Jumping competition in Trondheim (NOR) today.

Beneath a blue sky the Austrian jumped the furthest distance of the day with 142 meters (140.1 pts) at noon at the Granåsen HS 138 and took the lead. Therefore, he was the first one to start into the final 10 km cross-country race this afternoon.

Rank 2 after jumping went to Johannes Lamparter, who landed at 141 meters (138.8 pts) and went into the course only 5 seconds after his team mate.

Franz-Josef Rehrl (134.5 mts, 131.2 pts) completed the Austrian triple lead on third place, 36 seconds behind the leader.

Rettenegger kept Lamparter at a distance for the first 1.3 km, while Ilves and Rehrl shared the lead in order not to let the large chasing group, led by the Germans Johannes Rydzek and David Mach, get close.

On the first climb, Lamparter finally closed the gap to his teammate, so that they went together for the first lap through the stadium.

The Austrians set a high pace and extended their lead over Ilves and Rehrl to 49 seconds after 2.5km.

Meanwhile, the pursuers led by Rydzek, Mach, Thomas Rettenegger and Simen Tiller rushed up from behind.

At the front, Lamparter took the lead from Rettenegger and kept his speed high as usual.

Halfway through the race, their lead over Rehrl and Ilves was still 39 seconds, while Joergen Graabak dropped out of the race after 5km due to stomach problems.

Despite their strong performance, Rehrl and Ilves were unable to keep their pursuers at bay.

On the climb, the group led by Rydzek caught up with the two, so that a total of 11 athletes was able to reach third place at this point.


On the last climb, Lamparter fired up the turbo and opened up a gap to Rettenegger, who couldn't keep up with his strong sprinting teammate.


Lamparter reached the finish line first and celebrated his 4th World Cup victory of the season, while Rettenegger (+9.2 sec) completed the double victory for Austria.

With Ryota Yamamoto, Ilkka Herola, Jens Luraas Oftebro, Johannes Rydzek and Kristjan Ilves, five athletes turned into the home straight together and delivered an exciting sprint for third place.

In the end there was a showdown between Rydzek and Ilves, which the Estonian (+1:08.1 min) won by a narrow margin ahead of the German (+1:08.3 min) and secured third place.

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