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Updates from the Nordic Combined Committee meeting

Nov 25, 2023·Nordic Combined
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The Nordic Combined committee meeting took place in Dubrovnik (CRO) on May 5th 2023.

The proposals discussed by the Executive Board in April in Zurich (SUI), as well as the results of the funnel system for said proposals were shared. 
In addition, the updated calendar drafts for the next season were presented.

New formats

Several proposals for format changes have been submitted by various National Ski Associations that were discussed in the Executive Board meeting in Zurich (SUI) and sent to the funnel system.

The Nordic Combined committee confirmed the following proposals: 
A 7.5 km distance for Individual Gundersen events will be added to the ICR for the women, while the 5 km distance will stay in the rules as well. 
The distances for the men’s Individual Gundersen and Mass Start will stay at 10km for the men, as well as the 5 km distance for the women’s Mass Start.

Furthermore, the implementation of the Mixed Team Sprint and the Individual Compact format in the World Cup calendar was confirmed by the committee, while additionally a Mini World Cup globe will be given out for the Individual Compact events.

World Cup points

From the 2023/24 season, World Cup points will be awarded to the top 40 athletes. So far, only the top 30 men and women have received World Cup points.

Prize money

The distribution of prize money at the Summer Grand Prix for both genders, as well as the prize money distribution for the men's World Cup has been delegated to the Athletes Representatives, who presented a system that was supported by all athletes.

With the new distribution, men and women will receive identical prize money, both daily and overall, from the SGP 2023 onwards.
The amount of the men’s World Cup prize money stays the same, but will be distributed to the top 30, instead of the top 20 athletes.

Equipment Control update

During the Summer Grand Prix, the new body measurement procedure will be tested with a 3D scanner, while adjustments on the boots and wedges were made. For safety reasons both a ski stopper and safety strap will be mandatory for the upcoming season in all FIS events.

2023/24 World Cup Calendars

Calendar drafts for the season 2023/24 were presented and are available here:

Summer Grand Prix 2023 Proposal
Women's 2023/24 Calendar Proposal
Men's 2023/24 Calendar Proposal
Continental Cup 2023/24 Calendar Proposal

The calendar proposals and all other updates are subject to the approval of the FIS Council on May 24th.

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