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Updates from the Nordic Combined technical meetings

Apr 15, 2024·Nordic Combined
(c) Nordic Focus
(c) Nordic Focus

The technical meetings for Nordic Combined took place in Prague (CZE) on April 12th and 13th, 2024.

The sub-committees for Equipment and for Officials, Rules and Control met, whose decisions were then discussed in the Executive Board.

In addition, the calendar drafts for the next season were presented.

New format

After the successful introduction of the Individual Compact last season, the sub-committee decided to add another format to the World Cup.

After numerous tests at national level and two test events in the Continental Cup in the last two seasons, the Individual Super Sprint will be included in the World Cup.

In this format, the athletes first compete in a cross-country competition that consists of a prologue and several elimination rounds (sprint heats) on a 700 - 800 meter course.

When calculating the points for the Ski Jumping part, the Mass Start rule (ICR art. 550, 551) is applied, so that the winner of the cross-country part starts last in the Ski Jumping competition.

New Mass Start Trophy

From the 2024/25 season on, a separate Mass Start Trophy will be introduced, whose winner will receive a mini crystal globe at the end of the season.

Update Nordic Combined TRIPLE rules

From the 2024/25 season on, the Nordic Combined Triple will consist of a Mass Start, an Individual Compact as well as an Individual Gundersen Competition (12.5km for men, 7.5km for women) for both genders. The athletes will take the results from each day to the next and the first athlete crossing the finish line on Day 3 wins the Triple. The point distribution stays at 50% on day 1, 50% on day 2 and 200% on day 3.

Women’s large hill events

The sub-committee confirmed an exception for the upcoming World Cup season for women’s Nordic Combined, which is currently only permitted to hold normal hill events.

Two competitions are planned on Holmenkollen in Oslo (NOR) in the 2024/25 season, which will serve as the large hill World Cup premiere of the Nordic Combined women.

Equipment Control update

For the course of the Summer Grand Prix, the amount of Ski Jumping competition suits will be limited to two per athlete. The Grand Prix serves as a test phase for the new chip marking system, in which the individual suit parts are marked with a chip by the equipment controllers after the check. Only chipped suits are allowed in the competitions afterwards.

2024/25 World Cup Calendars

Calendar drafts for the season 2024/25 were presented and are available here soon.

The calendar proposals and all other updates were approved by the Executive Board and are now subject to the approval of the Nordic Combined committee on May 8th and the FIS Council.

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