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Ryoyu Kobayashi flies 291 meter

Apr 24, 2024·Ski Jumping
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Japan's Ryoyu Kobayashi has flown to a record distance of 291 meters on an improvised ski jump in the Icelandic ski resort of Hlidarfjall on Wednesday.

The PR campaign by drinks manufacturer Red Bull caused a huge stir, but the Japanese skier's flight will not be considered a world record.

An enormous effort had been made in Iceland for Kobayashi's flight, the provisional ski jump was hermetically sealed off during the spectacle and is now to be dismantled again immediately.

Kobayashi had originally aimed for the 300 meter mark, but after 291 meters it was over and enough was enough.

The current world record holders in ski flying are still Silje Opseth (NOR) with 230.5 meters for the women and Stefan Kraft (AUT) with 253.5 meters for the men.

FIS explains why the conditions for Ryoyu Kobayashi's flight are completely different from those at a World Cup event:

All official ski jumping and ski flying events are based on the FIS ICRs (The International Ski Competition Rules). These regulations ensure that a competition with usually two rounds under comparable conditions for the entire starting field determines the best athletes.

A ski flying competition must be based on a FIS-certified distance measuring system and take place on a ski flying hill homologated by FIS in order to stand up to comparison with other flights and be eligible for an official ski flying record.

At the same time, there are regulations for the material that is used and that must be tested by a FIS certified equipment controller; for example, the length of the ski and the mass of the suit.

Ryoyu Kobayashi's jumps in Iceland did not take place under competition conditions and in line with the FIS regulations. They showcase an extraordinary athlete’s performance under very special conditions but cannot be compared to a FIS Ski Flying World Cup, as both the start date and the entire project are tailored to a single athlete and therefore ultimately to a single jump/flight.

FIS hopes that the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of the athlete and FIS is excited to see Ryoyu Kobayashi in the upcoming FIS World Cup season competing for the official FIS world record.

So next winter Kobayashi will once again be competing with Stefan Kraft and all his other colleagues for the world record in ski flying, with 254 meters or more as the target.
For the women, Silje Opseth's 230.5 meters is the magical target to beat.

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