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"This is FIS100: The Art of Snowboarding" live now on FIS TV

Jun 13, 2024·Snowboard Park & Pipe
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The long-awaited FIS Snowboard Park & Pipe episode of the “This Is FIS100” video series finally hit the airwaves this week and it’s a doozy, as we sit down with two of the world’s absolute finest snowboarders to dive into some of the critical aspects of snowboard culture that many outside the slopestyle, big air and halfpipe realms may not yet be familiar with.

Featuring two-time Olympic gold medallist, two-time World Champion, and four-time X Games winner Anna Gasser (AUT), alongside three-time crystal globe winner and world record-holder Valentino Guseli (AUS), “This Is FIS100 ep. 14: The Art of Snowboarding” is a crash course on a FIS discipline in which what goes on within the competition field of play is just the tip of the iceberg when one is seeking to understand what freestyle snowboarding is all about.

While the athletes dropping in on FIS Snowboard Park & Pipe World Cup competitions are routinely putting down tricks that are on the very cutting edge of what is possible on a snowboard, if you talk to anybody in a World Cup field they’ll tell you that a well-tweaked method grab is just as appreciated - if not more so - than adding another 180 onto the trick de jour. 

Style, individuality, personality and swagger are crucial facets of park & pipe snowboarding that can be difficult to translate to the lay-person. However, for those with a sense of taste and at least a passing knowledge of excellence, when you see it, you know it - and Anna and Valentino are two of the best in the business. 

Of course, alongside the insightful interviews with our elite riders, in The Art of Snowboarding episode you can also expect to find a whole bunch of incredible archive footage, featuring some of the heaviest hitters of the last decade on some of the sport’s biggest stages. 

Come for the shredding, learn from the conversations and, hopefully, walk away with a greater insight into the inspiration behind the most progressive discipline under the FIS umbrella. 

Watch it now HERE.

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