First podium for Ebba Andersson in front of home crowd
Picture by NordicFocus

The cheering of the spectators along the race course was so loud, that the athletes barely could understand the calls from their coaches along the way. But that did not matter "It was crazy out there and it was a lot of people cheering for me and for the other girls who are competing. It's a special feeling", said Ebba Andersson who raced to her first podium in front of the home crowd.

Ebba Andersson, who was +2.1 seconds away from the second rank really enjoyed the great atmosphere around the course of Ulricehamn. The 10km in free technique was also a seasons best for Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen of Norway as she finishes in the second place. With her finish time of 26:11.0 she kept her lead and took a seat in the leaders chair. Looking back on how she performed during the race, Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen admits that she was also driven by the amazing crowd of spectators: "I am impressed that all the Swedes are cheering for us Norwegians too"! Only one athlete managed to tackle the divers course of Ulricehamn in a faster pace. Therese Johaug attacked the day's fastest time from the first strike and finished +22.8 seconds before her team colleague with 25:48.2 minutes.

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“I think the course is really good. We have to have more World Cups here in Sweden. The people are cheering and all that help here are so nice!" Therese Johaug
Picture by NordicFocus