Johaug brings victory home to Beitostølen, Kalla and Østberg fight for podium
Podium Beitostølen 15 km F, picture by Nordic Focus

With some light snowfall and -6°C the ladies 15 km F interval start opened the competition weekend. Therese Johaug, ready to defend her leader position stated after the race, that she felt that her body was in a really good shape after having some rest days from the previous weekend at Lillehammer. Johaug confirmed her status and finished with a time of 37:33.9 on the first place.

The fight for the remaining podium spots was on

Ingvild Flugstad Østberg held her position amongst the top athletes throughout the race. Close by,  Ebba Andersson from Sweden kept the pace and again underlined her great race form which she had proven from the latest races.  However, Charlotte Kalla (SWE) remained focused and speeded up her pace for the last 2 km. She 

„I knew that it was about seconds when I had 2 km to go but I did not know how tight the race was.“ Charlotte Kalla

Indeed, Ingvild Flugstad Østberg performed a great final stretch, securing her a podium spot and finishing off at 38:39.40, 0.2 seconds after Charlotte Kalla who fought her race through, finishing 38:39.8.

„I think this was my best race this season. I felt from the beginning that my body was really good." Therese Johaug