Andreas Katz: I have been working hard every day to come back

Germany's Andreas Katz missed the 2016/17 due to shoulder injury he suffered on a bike in July last year. Katz missed the World Championships in Lahti and aims at Olympic Winter Games in Korea.  

You missed last season because of shoulder injury. How are you feeling now? How difficult was the way back to full recovery?

It was a very hard way indeed. In the beginning, I couldn't even do basic things on my own, I could not eat without help, I wasn't able to drive a car for months. I needed help all the time. 

At the moment my shoulder is alright. But it will take a lot of work and patience until the shoulder is stable again and I can give all my power.

Are you satisfied with the training season? How did your training plan look like?

After my injury, I was moved from the first national team to the second one. I am working on my way back. Until now I do a lot work to compensate my shoulder area after the injury. It has taken a lot of time and I with my Physiotherapist. My plan for the training is to get back to the World Cup team as fast as possible.

Your last World Cup race was in March 2016. What are your expectations before the winter?

I have been working hard every day to do my best at the Olympics. After a year of break that is my biggest goal.