Bjorgen has sights set on 3 Golds in Lahti


Marit Bjørgen think she poses weakest in the sprint at Lahti Championships. She will be happy with one gold medal, but reveals that she thinks she has three major gold chances.  "I see my biggest chances in Lahti in 10 km classic in addition to duathlon and 30 km. It is in the sprint I feel I am asking the poorest. I think I have good capacity for long distances, and then there is the mass in duathlon and 30 km, so there it is important to have good shape, but I feel that the capacity and the preparations are going well in this respect," says Bjorgen.

She has taken World Championship gold in all disciplines during her career.  But after she became the mother of little Marius, more than a year ago, many people doubted whether she could return to her previous same high level again. However, everything indicates that she has managed it.  "If I manage to win an individual gold in Lahti I would be very happy. I have won some gold medals in previous championships, so I would just love to have gold this time. That's what I go for. Alongside individual medals will also be important that we can succeed in the relay," adds Bjoergen.

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