• Demino is a home for the national ski team. Place of Yulia Ivanova career start (Russia national Cross-Country team)

• Yaroslavl region gave Russia two ski legends.
(1970) and Olympic Champion Pavel Kolchin
• Rybinsk is a unique place were Nobel brothers earned the biggest part of their capital, which later transferred to «Nobel prize».
• Also «Fathers» of Hollywood and «Oscar awards» Nicholas and Joseph Schenck were born and lived in Rybinsk.


• The historical part (the very center) of Rybinsk is a classical merchant town of XVIII century Russia, some called it “Small Saint Petersburg”, because the most famous Saint Petersburg architects built a lot of houses here for rich merchants
• A lot of museums, beautiful embankment and Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the biggest on upper Volga, 3000

• Rybinsk is the second largest town in Yaroslavl region on the river Volga with 200 000
inhabitants. 300 km from Moscow and 120 km. from Yaroslavl airport.
• Old Russian town with almost 1000 years history, surrounded by forests with a lot of oaks,
foxes, rabbits and wild pigs. •W
• Yaroslavl region, Rybinsk town and Demino itself have a big skiing history, started in Soviet Union period. In 2015 will held FIS WC for 7-th time.
• Today Demino skiing center is not only «Ski Capital of Russia», but also multisport venue. It has competitions all over the year in roller ski, triathlon, archery biathlon, MTB and road
Top three 2011/12
Russian «Demino ski Worldloppet marathon» takes place every year and the biggest
cross-country cycling manathon
Rybinsk in the top ten of the most frequently visited tourictic towns.
ater reservoir is so big, that called «Rybinsk sea» and it’s full of fish. You can find a lot of
small and cozy restaurants, café, modern hotels and active night life. A lot of them opened
during last two years: «Mill», «Burlak» and «Dom Kultury» Every year Rybinsk has
traditional Ded Moroz Parade (Russian Santa Clause), more then 1500 participants, and
growing every year!
bike, snow mobiles and jet skis, etc.


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