Training camp of Czech and Austrian juniors

Czech and Austrian Junior Cross-Country Ski teams started a cooperation. The first training camp is taking place under leaderships of Trond Nystad and Martin Koukal from 3rd - 11th June in the Czech Republic.

“Trond has helped a lot with the project. He works as a consultant to the Austrian Ski Association. He prepares training plans for Austrian skiers and I for the Czechs. The camp is a great chance for our athletes to learn from each other,” Martin Koukal - 2003 World Champion and currently head coach of the Czech Junior Cross-Country team said.

There are 9 Czech juniors and 8 Austrians and 1 Estonian taking part in the camp. Every day features two training units. “Our athletes should have time to recover and rest between the sessions. We also introduced everyday briefings where we meet with athletes talk to them about the training, how they like the workouts and what they would like to change or improve,” explained Koukal.

Another joint training camp is going to take place in Ramsau in October. “This is pilot project, we would like to develop it and create a long term cooperation. I very much believe in our collaboration and see in it a huge potential,” Koukal concluded.