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Scott and Qi secure globes after finals cancellation in Almaty

Mar 10, 2024·Freestyle
© Andrey Kulagin / KSA
© Andrey Kulagin / KSA

The 2023/24 FIS Freestyle Aerials World Cup season didn't conclude as anticipated, with Mother Nature playing a pivotal role in the outcome. Unfavorable weather conditions, marked by dense cloud cover over the aerials jumps in Almaty, rendered the finals impossible to conduct, leading to the decision to base the final results on the qualifications.

This unexpected turn of events unfolded shortly after the qualification rounds concluded, with dense fog enveloping the venue and severely compromising visibility. Despite the competition jury's efforts to delay the start in hopes of clearer weather, the persistent conditions on Sunday necessitated the cancellation of the finals.

As a result, the standings from the qualifications were declared the final results. On the women's side, Marion Thenault (CAN) emerged victorious, with Danielle Scott (AUS) and Kong Fanyu (CHN) completing the podium. Meanwhile, in the men's competition, Qi Guangpu (CHN) led the pack, followed by his teammate Wang Guochen and Christopher Lillis (USA).

The conclusion of the season's final competitions brought about significant shifts in the overall World Cup standings. Danielle Scott (AUS) reclaimed the lead with her performance on Sunday, successfully defending her World Cup title and securing back-to-back Crystal Globes. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the 34-year-old Australian skier.

Winter Vinecki (USA) secured the overall second place, a bittersweet outcome for the American who had been a formidable competitor throughout the season, notably as the only female athlete landing triples in competition. The cancellation on Sunday meant she couldn't challenge for the title, a disappointing twist in her quest.

Marion Thenault's win propelled her to third place overall, rounding out a dynamic season. 

On the men's side, Qi Guangpu's victory underscored his dominant season, earning him his third aerials World Cup title and his first since 2017.

Pirmin Werner (SUI) ascended to second place overall, marking his best World Cup finish, while Christopher Lillis (USA) also climbed the rankings to secure third place by the season's end.

The wrap-up of the aerials World Cup in Almaty also saw the Rookie of the Year awards going to Tasia Tanner (USA) and Zhang Yifan (CHN), with the Nations Cup awarded to the USA.

With the aerials season concluded, attention now shifts to the final dual moguls World Cup event scheduled for Saturday, March 16, in Chiesa in Valmalenco (ITA), promising another exciting chapter in the FIS Freestyle World Cup saga.

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