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Successful Moguls & Aerials Development Camp Held in Chiesa in Valmalenco

May 22, 2024·Inside FIS
FIS Freestyle Junior World Championships - Aerials - Chiesa in Valmalenco © Mateusz Kielpinski / FIS Freestyle
FIS Freestyle Junior World Championships - Aerials - Chiesa in Valmalenco © Mateusz Kielpinski / FIS Freestyle

Chiesa in Valmalenco (ITA) served as the host for a week-long training camp dedicated to young moguls and aerials skiers from March 23rd to 31st, 2024. This event, part of the FIS Development Program (FDP), brought together participants from 14 National Ski Associations (NSAs), including both athletes and coaches.

Intensive Training Regimen

Each day began with morning gondola rides that transported the athletes to the training site. The daily agenda featured on-snow training sessions where athletes honed their skills under the guidance of experienced coaches. In the afternoons, video review sessions provided valuable feedback, allowing participants to analyze and improve their techniques.

An unexpected snowfall added an extra layer of challenge, necessitating additional work to prepare the aerials training site. Despite these weather-related hurdles, the camp maintained its rigorous training schedule, ensuring that all participants received ample practice time.

Off-Snow Activities and Team Building

To balance the intense training sessions, a human table soccer tournament was organized as a day-off activity. Held in the gym in Caspoggio, this engaging event saw teams of five athletes competing against each other on a game table, organized by their disciplines and nationalities. When not competing, athletes enjoyed free time to play basketball, regular soccer, or simply relax and socialize, fostering camaraderie and team spirit among the participants.

Human table soccer tournament
Human table soccer tournament - Moguls & Aerials FIS Development Camp

Expert Coaching and Knowledge Sharing

National coaches from various countries played a pivotal role in the camp, sharing their expertise and engaging in discussions on diverse topics, including training methods, athlete psychology, and course construction. Special sessions focused on coaching female athletes were also conducted, emphasizing the importance of tailored training approaches.


A special thank you goes to the ski resort of Chiesa in Valmalenco for their exceptional efforts in hosting this event, especially given the challenging weather conditions. The dedication and hard work of Manuela Müller and Giacomo Matiz were instrumental in the camp’s success, and their contributions were greatly appreciated.

The FIS Development Camp in Chiesa in Valmalenco provided a unique and valuable opportunity for young mogul and aerials athletes to develop their skills, gain experience, and prepare for future competitions. The combination of rigorous training, expert coaching, and team-building activities made this camp an enriching experience for all involved.